I got the job!

June 26, 2013 § Leave a comment


As the title of this post says, I got the job! Earlier this month I applied to what seems like a million internships and today, I landed one. I am now an intern for a travel blog called Trekity. Trekity is a daily travel blog for women and it’s a great source of inspiration on just about anything travel related.

I may be an unpaid intern but I am so excited to devote my time to this because it’ll be such a great experience and opportunity to grow as a person and a writer. Please go to Trekity’s website and check it out! I promise you won’t be disappointed (this is a shameless plug but… JUST TRUST ME).

In other news, I finally moved into my home for the summer this past weekend. I’m gonna be cleaning and reorganizing it until it look the way I like this weekend. I may not be going to school this summer but I am going to try and be as busy as possible!

The best thing about college is that there are so many opportunities to explore, try new things, and broaden one’s horizon. My only regret thus far is not taking advantage of this fact sooner!


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