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September 8, 2013 § 3 Comments

images-2I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Kate of Cuffed Jeans and the Boots With the Heels, a girl who has an awesome sense of style. Thanks Kate (:

This tag calls for seven things about me and tagging fifteen other bloggers. So let’s get started!

1. I’m a yoga fanatic. I do yoga at least once every day but I’ve been doing it twice a day as of late! Yoga IS “me” time.

2. I used to find that accessories were too superfluous. But now I just want to buy all of the rose gold midi rings and necklaces I can get my hands on. I even own a watch now… cool.

3. Music is my first true love. I used to play alto saxophone in high school. I used to be quite good (in my opinion) but I stopped practicing.

4. I’m practically like a fish out of water. I drink water constantly. I get slightly panicked when I go places without water and I start running through the symptoms of dehydration in my head.

5. The majority of my friends in college are boys. I don’t know how to speak to girls my age that I’ve never met before. Is that weird? I’m trying to change that.

6. I used to be quite introverted as a child. College came and I was a huge extrovert whilst I lived in the dorms. But now I seem to be a hybrid… like an extrovert in an introvert’s clothing.

7. I made an Instagram exclusively for yoga, my cat, and the food I eat. I probably won’t be able to resist posting pictures of my OOTDs and what I’m doing what not. You can find me on Instagram at @catssicaa

Now for the bloggers I tag!

1. Melissa of The Fashion Huntress

2. Nikki of Live.Love.Yoga

3. Meg of No Socks Yoga

4. Amanda of ANguyen

5. Ariel of Ariel Wang

6. The lovely lady of Fashion for Lunch

7. Jessica of lazyweirdo

8. Kellie Van of Le Zoe Musings

9. Katie of Curled Fantasies

10. Eveline of Fashtonishing

11. Kate of Kate Styled Pretty

12. Elif of The Fashion Medley

13. Amy of Vintage Reflections

14. Melanie of Lace and Combat Boots

15. Kirin of ClosetCast


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