Retail is therapy

October 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

I may not have an outfit of the day but I do have outfits! My store Caffeinated Flowers still has a bunch of cute things for sale. Including a high low skirt and a squirrel crop top. Can you say CUTE? Everything is also super cheap! Please check our site out. I would greatly appreciate it.
Sheer black high low skirt – $12
Blush pink top – $5
Coin purse style wallet – $5
Matte Black wallet – $5
Black and white tie scarf – $4
Khaki shorts – $8
Squirrel tee – $9
Faux snake skin wallet – $5
Blush pink braided belt – $3
White butterfly top – $6
Blue denim Bullhead cut offs – $7

Please come check it out!


Catch Up

October 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

I know… I know… It’s really been a while. I haven’t been acting like I’m committed to running this blog. But I have a pretty darn good reason… I think.

My best friend and I, you’ve probably seen some pictures of her before, have opened up a store. Yep, that’s right. AN ONLINE STORE! Our store is called Caffeinated Flowers. We love retail therapy and DIYs. So we figured, why not share it with the world? Buddha did say, “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

So what exactly are we selling? A lot of stuff. We just launched today, October 12, 2013, so our store is pretty well stocked. Let me show you some of the things that are up for sale…

ribbon hair ties3 Ribbon Hair Ties for $3

Hand Knitted Cardigan for $10

Black Faux Leather Bag with Silver Hardware for $6.00

Squirrel Tee for $9.00

Eyelet Lace Dress Eyelet Lace Dress for $20.00

Floral MonogramFloral Monogram Letters – Made to order and starts at $15

As you can see we have a wide variety of things. So please come check us out at All of the images also link straight to the post on our website.

Check us out and share it with your friends! Thanks for reading.

Until next time!

caffeinated flowers

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