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August 11, 2013 § 8 Comments

cloudskayaksfenced inIt’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been home for a full week now and I only have one week left. I’ve been relaxing in the comforts of the home I grew up in. I’ve been really happy. I’m currently taking yoga classes at this amazing studio that only offers heated classes (ranging from vinyasa to power, and of course, bikram). I’m definitely seeing some results with my mood and fitness (even if I have bad days, I’m grateful I get to practice).

I spent a really great day trip with my family yesterday in Mendocino County. I wrote about this charming region in California in an article on Trekity, Four Secret Ways to Explore Mendocino County. Going there was high on my list of priorities to say the least.

skunk train2

the view from here


coral things




The drive going there and the local sights were so beautiful. I am also convinced that just about everything is much more beautiful when things are just barely waking up.

We went on a ride on the world famous Skunk Train, walked around Glass Beach, and went to see some historical artifacts at the Guest House Museum. I wish I got to stay for longer! Next time, I’m definitely going kayaking.


Long sleeve shirt from Free People | Tights are by Champion | Sneakers are from Puma | Windbreaker-type jacket from a gift shop for the Skunk Train by Cheneral

This is in no way a perfect expression of vrksasana. Don’t be fooled by my smile. I’m absolutely terrified of somehow falling into the ocean in this picture (which is something that would happen to me). The kid behind me was so brave. He was jumping and running around the rocks at Glass Beach as if he had spent his whole life there.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Until next time.


Can’t say I didn’t go to the beach this summer…

July 14, 2013 § 2 Comments

Yesterday I got up early to drive all the way to Irvine and then to Laguna Beach to eat at a delicious restaurant. Afterwards we did various things like hiking and going to the beach. It was all fun and games until the sun burnt us… For more information about what to do in Laguna Beach other than go to the beach, then stay tuned on Trekity as I’ll be writing something about that there.

But! Here is what I wore walking around Laguna Beach…ootdLightweight sweater from Pac sun | Underneath I’m wearing a caged bralette from Brandy Melville | Running tights by Champion from Target | Shoes (though not pictured) are from Nike from like six years ago | My backpack is from Timbuk2 and it’s the best backpack ever

We spent a while hiking through Crystal Cove State Park specifically El Moro. I realized that I’m terrified of walking down slopes because I don’t want to fall and roll away into a bush with snakes in it or, of course, die. But the beach was good fun, until I got sunburnt. I wasn’t sunburnt yet in this picture, but I definitely did when I changed into my swim suit.


This is a picture of my best friend after our hike. Isn’t Laguna Beach gorgeous? I wish I could go every day (but better prepared than yesterday). Surprisingly, I’m not sore and I’m a little mad about it. Haha!

Please check the article on Trekity out. I’ll let you guys know when it does (;

Until next time!


June 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m quite new and old to this blogging thing. But I guess let’s just jump right into it.

I’m a college student in southern California which probably makes you think that I’m out in the world experiencing everything that’s out there for the first time. This is true. I grew up in Northern California, specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area, so being seven hours away from home and any sort of authority figure is new as well as liberating. I’ve lived in southern California for two years now and I must say that I am in love.

I remember the weekend that I fell in love with southern California. Last year, I was living in the dorms and one weekend couple of my hallmates invited me over to stay for the weekend in their hometown of Los Angeles. We had two big things planned to do for the weekend: LACMA and Venice Beach.  LACMA is probably one of the best museums I have been to thus far in my life.  It has such a comprehensive collection that I wouldn’t be done looking at one thing before I got sucked into the next one. I couldn’t resist the gift store and I bought some quality colored pencils that I still use today.

Venice Beach lived up to all of my expectations.  It has such a unique “surfer meets reggae meets tattoos”  culture that I haven’t seen anywhere else before. Plus, I don’t know where else I would be able to get ice cream sandwiches where I can pick out the kind of cookie  and the exact flavor of ice cream I wanted. Unfortunately, it was too cold that day to do any sort of tanning or swimming without being covered in goose pimples. During this weekend we also went to 3rd Street Promenade to look around the absolutely amazing shopping there and also to eat dinner at Buddha’s Belly. We also went to the Santa Monica Pier to play air hockey at the arcade which may gotten really competitive.

Overall, it was a really busy weekend. I was definitely dead tired at the end of it but it was worth it. The funny thing is that I wasn’t able to walk away with a single picture from this trip. I’m not the type to bust out my camera at every chance I get but I am the type to take a couple memorable pictures of the things I see. But not that time. I have gone back several times to those places and have taken pictures but they don’t hold the same memories. In any case, I’m in love with southern California. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a convert… but I’m more than happy to be living here.

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